Whether you opt for Sumer as a term topic or not, you might be interested into another session or to get more information about Sumer for yourself or your pupils.

If you have opted for a “Day in Sumer”, one extra session will cost you £25 (a session on its own is £50): Marie goes to your classroom and provides all documentations.

See here for a session about religion;
A session about Babylonian mathematics will be ready by January 2020;
If you wish to tackle another topic, let’s talk about it! Get in touch here.

Images are provided when you book a “day in Sumer” or “Sumer as a term topic”.
If you want more information about them, get in touch here.

If you want original Sumerian texts to read with your pupils or a fictional text about a specific topic to better match your own teaching programme, get in touch here.
The extra cost is between £10 to £40 depending on the text you ask for.

All to make things easier for you to discover Sumer with your pupils!