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This session introduces the children to both cuneiform writing and the Sumerian language:

What is the context of the birth of wrting?

How and why writing changes through time?

Sumerian: how does it work?


By decephering an authentic royal inscription, children discover the keys of cuneiform writing and learn to think different by uncovering a language that "put all words upside down".

Children also are introduced to the use of writing at dawn of history thanks to Gudea's message.

They get notions of how to make history with ancient texts.

Read Cunei (FOI2019-8239)
Picto Game (FOI2019-2063)
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Children are guided step-by-step through the reading of Gudea's inscription.

Use of various colours allow them to visualise elements of writing and language.

Flexible activities for different age-groups:

Year 3 - "Pictogram game": children get familiar with the first written signs to better understand evolution of writing.

Year 6 + - "Talking Sumerians": children get to explore a bit further Sumerian grammar.

All levels: for pupils working faster, a longer version of the inscription is available.


Further explorations:

Sumerian art: what are the features of Gudea's statues?

The duties of a Sumerian king (comparative documents available on demand)

Complementary to Religion session: what is the relationship between the king and the gods?


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