Introduction to a "weird" language known by few people worldwide and still a bit mysterious...

Children decipher an authentic royal inscription.

Children learn to think differently in order to understand the message Gudea left to us.

The ideal session to start with:
it places the children in a specific place at a certain time;
it shows them how different the Sumerians were, yet close to them in some ways...

Petit Gudéa assis (avec FM)
Photo PP Gudéa

A step-by-step approach allows the children to understand the basic concepts of a difficult language.

Before reading the inscription, the introduction fits onto the level of the students:

Year 3-4:
focus on the statue itself to learn the features of Sumerian art: "what is fashionable in the time of Gudea?"

Year 5-6:
focus on some aspects of the Sumerian language: "words are all upside down!"

Topic book Gudéa PCAM

The content of the inscription tells the children about:

the Sumerian king and his duties

aspects of Sumerian religion

and shows them how to make history from the ancient sources.


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