How did Sumerians adapt to a challenging environment?

Put in the situation of a Sumerian farmer, children will learn how to deal with the challenges of a semi-desertic environment in order to survive:

how to control water ressources?

how to organise the lands around the village?

Distribution docs - irrigation Olives (crop)

Children are divided into small groups - each group is a village.

Children will be learning to work as a community and to take decisions together to face the difficulties of the Sumerian agricultural year:

  When do the dams have to be open?

  When to use the water stored in the reservoirs?

  How to deal with fallow lands and cultivated fields?

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Years 3-4 are given a ready-made village (where all elements are already placed - dams, reservoirs, agricultural lands) and have to understand by themselves the watering system during the agricultural year.

Years 5-6 are asked to built up their whole village (choosing were to place dams and weirs, reservoirs and the main categories of agricultural lands)

Sumerian agriculture turned into a game: "so much fun!"

"My son explained everything about Sumerian agriculture to my husband"

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