Stories from Mesopotamia
Histoires de Mésopotamie

All stories are abridged versions of Mesopotamian authentic texts, originally written on clay tablets in Sumerian or Akkadian.
Les histoires proposées ici sont des versions résumées d'authentiques récits mésopotamiens, rédigés sur des tablettes d'argile, en sumérien ou en akkadien.

Nergal and Ereškigal

A Mesopotamian myth dating from the second and first millennia BC that recalls the "love story" of Nergal and Ereškigal, the demonic couple who rule over the Mesopotamian Netherworld...

Enmerkar et le roi d'Aratta

Une histoire composée à la fin du III millénaire : l'invention de l'écriture racontée par les Sumériens eux-mêmes !

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A praise song to King Šulgi

King Šulgi ruled over Sumer at the end of the III millennium BC for about 50 years... Many songs were composed to praise his wonderful talents and great deeds. Here is one of them.

Famous Characters from Mesopotamia
Personnages de Mésopotamie

Moi, Gudéa, Prince de Lagaš

Qui était Gudéa ? Quelle est sa plus grande réalisation ? Dans ce récit, Gudéa raconte lui-même.

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Moi, Enheduanna, poetesse

Enheduanna est célèbre... fille de Sargon et poétesse. Dans ce récit fictif, elle raconte sa vie.

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About Sumer - Excerpts from the guidebooks
A propos de Sumer, extraits des guides

Calendars of Ancient Sumer

How did Sumerians count the years? Why did they have an extra-month... sometimes? And more on four pages for curious children... and adults!

Irrigation in Ancient Sumer

Sumerian were excellent farmers, and organised irrigation on a large scale. What are their tips? A short excerpt from the guidebook with two activities and a glossary.

Feasting in Ancient Sumer

Banquets (kašdea) are Sumerians' favourite way to have fun! They have plenty of them: in honour of gods and kings, and more informal ones within districts.

Ancient Sumer (short) Timeline

Do you think Sumerian history is complicated?! Here is it in a nutshell! With illustrations and comments (document for teachers and people curious about Sumer)

Brève chronologie de Sumer

Vous trouvez l'histoire de Sumer un peu compliquée ?! Voici une chronologie très simple avec des illustrations et des commentaires (pour les professeur.e.s et les adultes un peu curieux!).

The Sumerian House

Where is the bathroom? Where do I put the rubbish?! Plenty about the Sumerian house, mudbrick architecture, the family and daily life in a Sumerian district!