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In the fourth millennium BC, a fascinating civilisation flourished on the bank of the Euphrates… SUMER

Jolie chrono

Six sessions to discover all about Sumerians and their great achievements

Free for school year 2021-2022

First Steps in Sumer

Meet the Sumerians!

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Learn Sumerian with Gudea

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A year in Sumer

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Living in ancient Ur

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Everyday life

My house in Sumer

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Gods and Temples

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Sumer is in the National Curriculum: tick it off your list with Marie!

How does is work?

Sessions are delivered by Marie, who comes to your class or offers online/distance learning

The programme is flexible: you are free to take the number of sessions you whish and to choose which one(s) best match(es) your own teaching programme.
For instance opt for one session only, as a complement to your own teaching program, or for six sessions to get a complete overview of Sumer.

Club Morley 8.01.2019 - 6
Sessions in class

short introduction with beautifully illustrated PowerPoints

original hands-on activities: children discover Sumer by themselves with a step-by-step guidance

PCam Amélie - Pastèque
Distance / online

Short introductory video made by Marie

Explanatory documents for teachers for activities

Worshop(s) with your class online - on demand to discuss and answer questions

Club Morley doc 8.01.2019 - 2
In common for both

✓ Pdf documents for the children for each individual sessions

✓ Four sessions or more: Topic Book for the children (containing material for each session, timeline, map and glossary).

✓ Quiz

Access to a "picture library for teachers"

Texts based upon primary sources - on demand

Our activities are:

Original and accurate
A great range of authentic and original sources made accessible to children:
series of questions and a step-by-step approach guide the children through texts, archaeological plans, maps, reliefs and statues in a way that enables children to come up with their own interpretations.

Imaginative and fun
Hands-on activities
specially designed to be attractive to children, capturing their attention and interest.

Different formats
from one lesson to another to keep children engaged from one session to another.

Activities suitable for all ages of KS2
, years 3 to 6
All four sessions can be adapted to your school's specific needs and interests.

All Sumer in ready-made sessions


Marie has excellent knowledge of her subject areas and provided fun engaging practical activities to aid their learning. Our class thoroughly enjoyed having her and the time to ask their own questions to find out more information (Ms White - Spinney Primary school)

All activities are successful with children aged 8 to 11

"Sumer is super!"

"My daughter talked about Sumer the whole week"

"It's much fun"

Designed sessions to match the aims of the National Curriculum:

give children historical perspective

make children understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence

get children to use real historical sources

lead children through methods of historical enquiry

get children to put into practice multiple subject skills (notions of geography, principles of architecture and geometry, use of a great range of new words)

"The Sumer program is a great way to engage young pupils with ancient history" (Paul - school teacher)

"I wanted my pupils (Year 4) to be immersed in Sumer for a few weeks and talked to Marie about how we could link the topic to grammar sessions, and she wrote the most amazing text to accompany the lessons"
(Amélie, French bilingual school "Les Petits Caméléons")

Teaching Gudea (no kid) crop
Read cunei (FOI2019-2174)
Nice - Silvia and I

Who is Marie?

Dr in Mesopotamian studies

Affiliated Fellow to the McDonald Institute (Department of archaeology, University of Cambridge)

Creator of a teaching board game about Babylon (funded by the University of Cambridge)

Experienced with children: teacher at "Les Petits Caméléons"

Active participant in outreach events with children and families (Cambridge Festival of Ideas and Science Festival)


The work of Marie was really fantastic with children, she succeeded to interest them in a new culture, a new way to think and in a new discipline (archaeology). The interactions and interrogations from the children were really interesting and she could answer to every questions.
It was a really good experience for everyone ! (Clara, School Teacher)

Marie is so passionate about her subject that all the children were hooked within a few minutes (Amélie, French school Les Petits Caméléons)

Give your school a unique and original asset
- Travel to Sumer!

To find out more about our program:
Get in touch with Marie

07551 991 244