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Imagine you travel to the beautiful Land of Sumer in the time of the great King Šulgi... at the end of the third millennium BC

✓   What do you do to prepare your trip?
✓   What do you need to know about Sumer before you go?
✓   What are the Sumerians like?
✓   Which cities would you like to visit?
✓   What is there to see in Ur, Uruk, Eridu, Nippur or Lagaš?

Find below all you need to know before your trip: guidebooks (pdf files) to help you prepare a trip to Sumer.
All information are provided by TiS team.

We are in Year 44 of King Šulgi's reign. He is the king of Ur and rules over the Land of Sumer. It is a rich, powerful country. Some cities are huge, with more than thousands inhabitants, and resplendent with brand new monumental buildings. Sumer is rather peaceful right now: travelling there is safe.

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Travel in Sumer (TiS) team is fond of the Land of Sumer, and wishes to help more travellers to discover this beautiful and fascinating country, and get to know the friendly Sumerians.
In the books to download below, you will find both practical advice for your trip (where to stay or where to eat for instance) together with some information about the cities themselves and what is worth visiting (according to us).

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Download your chapters below (Pdf files)!


The capital city

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Nippur coming soon

Sumer holy city

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Uruk coming soon

Hometown of Gilgameš

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A world of magic in the marshes

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Lagash coming soon (1)

The city of illustrious kings

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