Session 1 Intro
An introduction to place Sumer in space and time, followed by a presentation of the Sumerians and the Sumerian society via the “Standard of Ur” (British Museum) to explain how images are used to reconstruct the past.

✓ All KS2 levels: Year 3 to 6 (material is adapted to different year-levels);

✓ Price: Short workshops: £50 in-person; £25 online; Long workshops: £75 in-person; £50 online

✓ Included: documents for each child (4 pages Pdf to print out)

Atelier disponible en français:
idéal pour le niveau 6e

"Who's Who?!"

Who's who

It is an entertaining way to get to know the Sumerians, and to think about the representation of a society. What are its typical features? How to define a multicultural society?


The session can be completed by several readings, chapters from the “Essential traveller guide to Sumer” (available for free on-demand):

  • “What does it look like?” and
  • “Few words about Sumerian history” and
  • "Who else lives in Sumer?".

All the activities can be easily adapted to many different age and level groups, providing additional material for the most interested students, and the expertise and pedagogy of a real assyriologist! (Paul - school teacher)

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