Session 4
Sumerians invented writing! What is the context of the birth of writing? Why writing? How does the cuneiform system work? Why does it change over time?

The session introduces the children to authentic cuneiform sources and the Sumerian language, with activities adapted to the levels Year 3-4 or Year 5-6. It exemplifies the flexibility of mind essential to the discovery and learning of a new language.

✓ All KS2 levels: Year 3 to 6 (material is adapted to different year-levels);

✓ Price: Short workshops: £50 in-person; £25 online; Long workshops: £75 in-person; £50 online

✓ Included: documents for each child (4 pages Pdf to print out)

Atelier disponible en français:
idéal pour le niveau 6e

Activities for all ages to discover cuneiform writing and Sumerian

For a full-morning or afternoon (Long session) in the cuneiform world, see here.

Year 3-4

The session focuses on birth of writing, and the first signs: the pictograms. We have discussions about the reasons why writing was invented, and the children learn authentic Sumerian pictograms with the "pictogram game"!

Atelier disponible en français.

Year 5-6

Deciphering the code

The session focuses on the step-by-step discover of another writing and a foreign language, known by only few people. It is like cracking a code for the children!

Atelier disponible en français.

Year 6+

Talking Sumerians

“Talking Sumerians!” – this workshop focuses on the Sumerian language itself, its grammar and structure: they put everything upside-down! An ideal introduction for pupils who are learning other ancient languages to discover another system.

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