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The standard of Ur


This session brings in the Sumerians in a friendly way through images:

Where and when were Sumerians living?

How do they look like?

What were they doing?

What is the message conveyed by the images?

By looking up together at one of the master pieces of Sumerian art (The Standard of Ur (ca 2100 BC - British Museum), children are taught to read an iconographical document: and to interpret images.

The session tells a lot about Sumerian society, which the children can compare to their own or to other ancient societies.

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The activity teaches the children how to use images as sources to understand and question an ancient society. They discover Sumerians and their way of life by themselves.

The activity is highly flexible and suitable to year 3 through 6, because it offers various levels of enquiry into the Sumerian society, depending on the curiosity and knowledge of the children.

Further explorations:

Why not comparing the Standard with other iconographical documents from Sumer? (available on demand)

How would children represent their own society: which characters would they select?

All the activities can be easily adapted to many different age and level groups, providing additional material for the most interested students, and the expertise and pedagogy of a real assyriologist! (Paul - school teacher)

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