House of Lugal-Ezen

Market-garden district, close to Ur-Nammu gardens., Ur
Detailed Information

One of our favourite places in Ur! The family is very friendly. As chief-musician of Nanna, Lugal-Ezen can get you nice “seats” for the festivals and will offer you a skip-the-line pass for Ekišnugal. Disadvantages: bedrooms are small and it nights are noisy: everybody in the family is a musician, and so are their friends. Nights are joyful but very animated! More about it in Ur, Guidebook, p. 10.

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Great for night-owls who like to hoot!
I stayed up all night and sang along. I learned so many new songs. Eri-don't go if you don't like to party though!
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I couldn't sleep
The owner played music with his guests all night I couldn't sleep at all. DO NOT GO