Esagil, Treasure hunt in Babylon. Board Game.


Esagil is a fun, educational and exciting board game for 2-6 players aged 8+
Each game lasts 20-25 mins so the race is on!

Available in English version only.


The whole family will enjoy playing Esagil!

While playing you will also learn about the city of Babylon, Babylonian gods and Babylonian divination.

Travel through the ancient city of Babylon to deliver your offering to Marduk, the ancient god, in his temple Esagil. Collect your “treasure” for the god in one of the numerous temples of the city. On your quest, beware of the odds: all encounters may change your destiny… The winner is the first to bring back the offering to Esagil.

Additional information

Dimensions 3.66 × 2.36 × 3.00 cm
Item Description

Folded board: 350x230mm
Unfolded board: 610x460mm

Playing Pieces